The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Bernstein

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

My first post on a book HAS to be a Gabby Bernstein one, and this one is a gem. Packed with all her down-to-earth anecdotes of how she lives high vibe, it's great to dip into like an oracle when you need a fresh idea. Choc full of ideas to 'comeback fast' when you step out of alignment.

I am lucky to completed her Spirit Junkie Masterclass training (Level 1) and have been to a few of Gabby's events and today is especially poignant as I am missing an event today due to the pandemic :( Never fear! Gabby has an army of books, free videos and membership that has become integral to my mindset health. Big thanks to Gabby and her work - without which I would probably not have had the courage to be doing this side of my work. Enjoy - and maybe let me know what you think below. L xo

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