The Artists' Way - Julia Cameron

My personal copy inherited from my late Father-In-Law, now available in a newer cover!

This is an absolute classic work and brilliantly structured that again if you are short on time, can be dipped in and out of. However, the best impact would be to follow Julia's course through to get the biggest effect.

What's it about? Julia gives us the tools and pertinent observations about creativity and spirituality, helping you to reclaim and rediscover that part of yourself if it has been lost or obscured by time or events.

I had the great honour of being in a workshop with Julia a few years back with Hay House. She held no prisoners! She's fierce in her love for creativity and humanity, and has a very positive and disciplined approach.

I have two favourite take-aways from this book. Her practice of 'morning pages' is well-known, and this is to take 20 minutes to free-write whatever comes into your head first thing in the morning. Thereby purging yourself of thoughts that are obstructive and unhelpful, as well as giving you the ability to see negative patterns - then break them.

Second, is taking yourself on an artistic date. As I am writing in what appears to becoming 'Covid Times' this may not always be possible to go to a gallery, a theatre production or festival as such, but you can choose to draw, paint, sing, dance, write and act in your own home as well as recreate some of this creativity by visiting places on line in the meantime. How much more we value and savour the opportunity when it comes back!

Julia has written specific versions of this way for parenting and retirement as well as a plethora of other books and music. This work is a cornerstone of spiritual creativity and a must-read on your booklist!

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