The Almanac - Lia Leendertz

This months book review is The Almanac by Lia Leendertz (I link you here to the 2021 version).

I remember these years ago being on sale at the till in WHSMith during Christmas and thinking, ‘What the heck are they all about?’

Well this gorgeous updated version by is a real treat as it offers the rhythms of nature each month through tide times, moon phases, plants that come into season, seasonal food and song. I was lucky enough to get a copy at the end of last year. It has lovely textured cover which feels really wonderful to hold. Aside from this tactile pleasure (!) it is split into months and highlights key dates of festivals at the beginning, going into greater depth during each chapter content.

I have loved dipping into it at the start of every month for the practical information, the inspiring connection to the seasons and the rituals of our ancestors. It's also a lovely gift for Christmas and it's definitely on my list. Enjoy!

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