Small Shoots, Big Dreams

March has blown in fast and there is a feeling of optimism with spring in the air. We’ve had a strange Winter, with the UK in the hibernation of lockdown. Now, with schools heading back on Monday there feels like an emergence into the start of our transition into the next phase.

I have been enjoying the nature walk part of lockdown and consider myself lucky to have so much of nature’s bounty on my doorstep. I’ve enjoyed getting out in the garden on one of the sunnier days this week – clearing away dead leaves and seeing some fantastic little green shoots poking up through the soil. A friendly reminder that whilst things can look bleak, life is under the surface, ready to emerge again in a different form. A wonderful metaphor for the end of lockdown, and any life-death-life cycle that we all find ourselves in, in so many ways. Dr Clarissa Pinkola-Estes writes a brilliant chapter on this in her celebrated book Women Who Run With The Wolves which is this month’s book recommendation.

Let's make space to welcome in the new.

It felt pretty cathartic, bunging those dead leaves on the compost and letting nature do its magic of slowly turning into soil to be a home for something new in the future.

I invite you with this recounter of my gardening to think about what you should take with you as lockdown ends (perhaps the emphasis on health and self-care and appreciation for good human connection?) and what you may want to eschew – the darting about being ‘busy’ and not having time to get outside and gets some fresh air into the lungs. Let's make space to welcome in the new.

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