Signs - Laura Lynne Jackson

I came across Laura Lynne Jackson's book following the entertaining watch of Goop Lab on Netflix. I really enjoyed that series and am pleased to see it has a season 2. Laura is a psychic medium and energy healer and in this lovely book, she talks about the experiences she has encountered herself and in readings with her broad range of clients. Many of whom are well-known celebrities and artists.

Often in spirituality, there is a steer towards being mindfully aware to the guidance that is all around us if we only tune in. In our fast-paced world, this can be very hard to do, but by showing down, we are able to acknowledge the patterns and images that surround us.

I have certainly had my own experiences in this aspect, more of which I will talk about on a blog one day, but I am keen to share the list of common signs (on p70) such as:

  • Birds and butterflies

  • Deer

  • Electrical events

  • Coins appearing in our paths

  • Rainbows

Laura also invites us to consider the timing, cadence and frequency of these events too.

It's a fantastic introduction to this topic, with more in-depth points and a lovely way to for you to consider the signs in your own experience. Enjoy!

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