Precious Little Sleep

This July I am all about the sleep.

This is a pretty sensitive issue for a lot of people. Whether you have small sleep thieves in the form of children, or conditions like insomnia, those zzz's can be hard to catch. The pandemic has heightened this even further, and I have had some really vivid dreams (some good taking me to Italy and Australia - thank YOU subconscious).

The sad fact is most of us worry more about our phone's battery rather than our own.

BC (before kids) I used to relish a full 8-9 hours and feel super-charged up ready to go. Nowadays, even being well out of the newborn phase, interruptions are common (like last night!) leaving me cranky and irritable.

Sleep Is A Spiritual Practice - Gabby Bernstein

As a new Mum I valued sleep right at the top of my priorities and had absolutely not problems with napping when the kids napped. That's fine, if your kids can actually nap, and you can get to sleep in the day, Lucy. I know - it doesn't always work out that simple.

I've recommended a couple of Gabby Bernstein's titles to kick-off Spirit Mama, and in Miracles Now, 'Sleep Is A Spiritual Practice' no #10 of her whopping 108 tools and practices in this handy oracle.

10 things I do are:

  • charge my phone on a different floor, to stop mindlessly scrolling on a blue screen before bed and to not have the weird and wonderful waves interfere with my REM. Some folks recommend a total tech detox and hour before bed. I've not reached that level yet, but it sounds logical.

  • essential oils - Lavender is probably the most prolific one in promoting a restful sleep. Diffuse a relaxing blend as you drift off (most diffusers have a timer), dab onto the temples or wrists, atomise a couple of drops with water and spray on your pillow and...

  • Wear an eye mask - it blocks out the light in the longer summer hours, and also is useful for blocking out your partner's reading light/general faffage before bed. Add a couple of drops to the side not touching your face to get a continual aroma.

Here's some gorgeous lavender at The Medicine Garden in Cobham Surrey, June 2020

  • I do drink a good ole chamomile tea - yum! Pukka is my fave. In the States last year I tried Yogi too which was fab.

  • use a Lumie Clock - I've had a Lumie now for about 15 years and especially in the winter they are excellent for promoting the neurotransmitter serotonin - the happy hormone. You can often get reconditioned ones at a discounted rate.

  • meditate - I usually meditate in the morning to get the day started off right, but when I do get the chance to meditate before bed I have a restful night. The OH has started using Insight Timer to help him nod off during this period. Meditation for you may also come in the form of reading...

  • keep my bedroom tidy. I can hear my Mum laughing right now as I was a very messy child (I say creative!). Less visual noise the better. It needs to be your sanctuary! If you're working from home, make sure you can put away your work so you can't see it - keep up those boundaries.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep - Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest
  • calming surroundings - brings me on to decor. As much as you are able, think about the colour of your room, and what you put on your walls. Your brain picks up all these message subconsciously - whatever says R&R to you - follow that!

  • be comfortable - don't settle for something that is going to be too restrictive. For some this can also be their birthday suit. Invest in good quality sheets. Ew! scratchy sheets!

  • have a plant in your room - I have a Japanese Peace Lily - if NASA says it purifies the air then I'm in. Plus it features in hilarious comedy, Hot Fuzz - like I said, I'm not there with the complete banning of TV an hour before bed. Laughter too, is a medicine.

Here's Gene, my Japanese Peace Lily

Try some of these out and let me know in the comments if any have worked for you!

Sleep well! xo

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