Miracles Now - Gabby Bernstein

I simply had to kick-off Spirit Mama's arrival with a Gabby-fest! Here she compiles no less than 108 tools to help you get back on the saddle of your flow. She imparts a wide variety of ideas from meditation approaches (she's a Kundalini yoga teacher too), sleep hygiene and creativity, to strengthening your intuition and everything in between. It is a good book to use as an oracle - I keep it on my desk and if I ned a quick hit of inspiration I flick through the pages whilst I think about what's coming up for me and stop the page when I feel I should. Pretty reliably, it gives me a good suggestion that leads me to a solution.

I first discovered Gabby when I was pregnant and working from home after moving out of London to Surrey. It was a big moment of transition for me as I'd lived in London for over a decade, and the pace and emphasis on my life was about to change rather dramatically. I listen to Hay House Radio and at that time (around 2012) she had a radio show, and what she was saying (in her very frank New Yorker way) really resonated with me. Since then I have listened to countless hours of her talks, podcasts, read her books and very excitingly graduated from her Spirit Junkie Masterclass Course (Level 1) as well as meeting her at workshops in London. Big thanks to Gabby for keeping me on track. L xo

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