Lunar Abundance - Dr Ezzie Spencer PhD

I was made aware of Dr Ezzie Spencer’s work into lunar ritual and abundance theory by my Reiki Master, Lynsday Rowatt, Amore Holistic. There are a few practitioners who have developed their own theories and practices regarding synchronicity with the moon, but I really like the way Dr Ezzie imparts her knowledge. The moon is well-known and has long cultural history as having important influence on humanity, from early civilisations tracking the months of the year as well as it’s link to the female menstrual cycle and its scientifically proven influence on our world through gravity and tides (the astrophysics side I also find fascinating).

Throughout the Lunar Abundance book, Dr Ezzie gives you a good grounding in the understanding of the cultural history of the moon. Importantly, she breaks down the moon cycle into 7 phases, each with the ebb and flow of yin (feminine, receptive) and yang (masculine, active) energies alternating across each phase. She encourages the reader to follow the cycle with an intention with activity prompts of meditations and free-writing exercises, with a view for us to use it to observe our behaviour in relation to these phases (rather than thinking the moon will do everything for us).

It’s a really wonderful way of having a different perspective of following an idea or intention and connecting with the gorgeous shiny dish in the sky. She also has a Reflective Journal to help keep you on track, and her website has free lunar calendars for both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

What I love about 21st century living is how ancient ideas are translated into the modern age and how it all connects together. It provides a natural marker of time to set intentions and review the successes or course corrections required to achieve these intentions.

If your moony about lunar, then also check out the Moody app for those of us menstruating which gives tips for wellbeing as well as tracking your cycle with the moon, and Kate Northrup’s work on aligning your business planning to lunar activity. There are also many moon-based meditations on Insight Timer.

So next time you look up at the sky and can see that moon (which will be really close this time of year) take a moment to think where you are in your own cycle, and maybe you’ll be inspired to start tracking it!

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