Keeping Connected

February feels to have come around quickly this year, probably as in spite of the lockdown, January has been very busy for me with the added responsibility of homeschooling. Whilst this has presented many challenges, as well as beautiful opportunities to spend more time with my children and influence their education. It has also meant that staying connected to source hasn’t always been as easy as when I have more time. There have absolutely been moments of disconnected despair – either the news of the lockdown itself or ‘peak’ times where the demands on me have all come at once and I have not felt able to fulfil them all.

However, my meditation practice endures. Each morning without fail, whether it’s a ‘decent’ session or not, I sit quietly on my bathmat, closing off the view of my waste bin and underneath the sink, and enter into my inner world. I have kept this practice up for three years now, and I swear it has saved me from either detouring into fear (as Gabby Bernstein would say) or being quite so reactive as my fiery Leo personality tends to be.

This lockdown has put this discipline to the test. But I believe in the maxim, ‘discipline equals freedom’ and mental freedom is certainly afforded of me when I meditate. Last month, my wonderful friend and colleague Jade Carey gifted me some doTERRA Melissa oil – the oil of light. If ever there was a time we needed light, it is these dark winter lockdown days.

February also sees another moment of light – February 2nd is St Brigid’s Day (or Imbolc and also Groundhog Day) the sacred feminine Gaelic saint who supports women and children, signified by light and the coming of spring. Walking into the countryside, as daily inspiration and wellbeing practice I have already noticed some daffodils and buds pushing through. These small, yet significant moments of awareness enable me to be grounded and give me hope of the dormant life coming through soon.

So, to aim for grace under pressure in these highly unusual times, find those tiny moments of connection for yourself to support your daily self-care which is essential. Who knows in the future, I may graduate to a Zen Den, or a towel on an exotic beach rather than the bathmat. But for now, that bathmat is one of my greatest allies.

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