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Yes folks, this is what it feels like to have not had a cold in a year!
Self care is not an indulgence, it is necessary to ensure there is enough gas in the tank!

It's October 2020, we continue to live in a time of uncertainty, and the leaves of Autumn are starting to fall. A year ago, I enrolled as a wholesale customer for doTERRA with a Family Essentials kit. One of the oil blends I used the most - in fact daily - is OnGuard. Being well at the time was a top priority (and amplified now with the pandemic). Moving into the winter, having a product to support my immunity was brilliant. Back then I was commuting to and from London (about a 1-hour train ride from where I live) for one of the most high profile dance companies in the world, ferrying the children to and from school, being a wife, sister, daughter, friend... Self care is not an indulgence, it is necessary to ensure there is enough gas in the tank!

Then the pandemic hit. Did I panic buy OnGuard. Guilty as charged! Having experienced most of the winter 2019/2020 without a cold for probably the first time in decades, I invested in a couple of bottles as well as their other trademarked related oil blends, Air and Deep Blue - fantastic for supporting the respiratory tract.

Self-care efficacy

I think it is super-important to acknowledge here that it is not the oils alone. The magic happens as they infuse your whole way of life. Over the pandemic we have had a chance to re-evaluate our lifestyle - doing what is in our control to help ourselves in these times. I believe it is being referred to in oily circles as 'Self-care efficacy.' This will be different for everyone, and for us as a family to make sure we get enough rest, sleep, manage stress, are nutritionally provided for, exercise, dancing, laughing, getting out in nature, meditate and spending time with our loved ones in person or remotely. Social distancing for the other part of the year has of course played a role. Not getting into over-scheduling (as I tend to do) has been another.

On the return to school this year, so far (touch wood), our continued practice as a family has kept us well.

What is you practice with this, I hear you cry?

Well, why not find out from me in person? I'm holding an FREE online workshop on October 8th, 8 - 9pm GMT where I will be sharing The Basics with a limited amount of brilliant people like you, who want to know how they can help themselves more. Register by 1st October and I can send you a free sample of Wild Orange (as long as you live in the UK and while stocks last).

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