Honouring the year

Here we are in December 2020, and it looks and feels a bit different (understatement) to previous years. Most of us will be changing how and we celebrate the festivities with, and hopefully finding ways to connect with each other virtually if we must be physically separated.

If anything, this year has taught is there are no guarantees in life, and more than ever – it is no rehearsal. I have responded by thinking about what I would like to do that I haven’t explored yet, and an expression of this is very site!

'You are the dreamer of your dream' - Gabby Bernstein

Being in our homes has been an opportunity to go into our own ‘internal homes’ emotionally. It’s amplified what ‘junk’ might need to be sorted through and thrown out, so we can make new purchases with the space ‘letting go’ can create.

It’s also taught us about what we want to keep and grow in the future. We have had moments where we have really been tested and that has brought with it realising (if we didn’t before) what we truly value. For many of us, it has been a wake-up call that these are immaterial.

It’s also been a stark reminder, that despite the illusion of our circumstances, we actually hold so much power than we think on how we experience our lives. As Gabby Bernstein often refers to ‘you are the dreamer of your dream.’ Particularly the feeling of the slate being wiped clean when being told to stay at home, in that YOU create your day’s schedule, YOU create what it is filled with, and for how long. Even if the parameters of what you can do are smaller, you have been able to go deeper.

Creating consistency and ritual for me has been key in navigating these times. For me this has taken the form of practices with meditation, dance, essential oils and continual learning and extending of my knowledge. I have used Balance or Wild Orange on the soles of my feet or in the shower tray pretty much every day to keep me grounded and rooted in the present as much as possible.

I wish for you to be able to sift through the events of 2020 with discernment of what you want to keep and grow and what you want to chuck. 2021 will likely continue with the similar theme of being physically distanced, and my hope for you is that you are able to find positivity and nourishment in the opportunity to continue to look inward, so that we may be strengthened and fortified when COVID resolves.

If you want to take action in making 2021 as great as it can be, why not join me in January 18 – 24th January 2021 and a group of global Wellness Advocates in our Reset and Restore Wellbeing Support Week online?

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