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I came across High Performance Habits a couple of years ago via one of my top favourite thought-leaders, Gabby Bernstein. I already had a bit of an idea about Steven Covey's work on the 7 Habits fo Highly Effective People and found this book really interesting as a next-level approach. This is a great book to start the year with - especially as goal setting is en vogue in January.

Through coaching thousands of people over the last 20 years and researching what habits are most effective, Brendon gives us a deep-dive into the six areas we should be looking to capitalise on in the pursuit of maintaining and sustaining high performance. These are, energy, clarity, influence, necessity, productivity and courage.

Following a terrible car accident in the late 90s, Brendon was confronted with his own mortality which set him on a path to encourage vast amounts of people to improve their lives. He has a really happy, enthusiastic approach, and is a shot of positivity and real-talk which can give a boost on a blustery winter day.

It explores what 'High Performance' means, and that's not necessarily a CEO of of a Fortune 500. It can mean anything that you are intentionally working on such as parenting, your health, friendships - it's about looking at being the best possible version of yourself and making it actionable.

Just after the book came out, Brendon released a planner which lays out the strategies and ideas as a guide for how to structure your day and ask yourself questions in the morning and at the end of the day. Personally, this has been of great use to me, especially when feeling overwhelmed, but also in terms of monitoring my self-care. Do I use it every single day? No, but, if you really wanted to interrogate how you spend your days it has a facility at the end of each month to analyse this, which is really helpful in assisting you to see your blind spots.

Brendon has lots of free resources too on YouTube and a podcast, and is soon to be delivering his new venture, Growth Day, which brings together the very best people in personal development.

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