Full Moon Practice

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I started getting into lunar abundance after seeing my own Reiki practitioner (healer heal thy self and all that) about a year ago, who put me on to Dr Ezzie Spencer's Lunar Abundance. She holds the PhD and expertise in this area, and it is fascinating to think about how we are connected to the moon and it's affect on us. A really obvious one is the link to female menstrual cycles. Well, that and tides, ha, ha.

On a more serious note though, I have been tracking my cycle and intentions along with the moon, along with a few other inputs from people like Kate Northrup, and my own DoTerra team leader for some relevant essential oils. I've been using extra lemon oil in my water this week to try and clear out some of the negativity.

It's been quite fascinating to have natural check points with the big constant reminder in the sky. It also is illuminating (like what I did there) to see where and how we deviate from the natural rhythms of the moon and its yin (chill) and yang (go for it!) phases. Ezzie Spencer has a workbook along with her book, which has some great prompts. Setting out intention and the new moon, and here, half way through the cycle, celebrating achievements, or pivoting if you've stepped out of alignment.

Also at a full moon, I try and make sure I charge up my crystals by giving them a good 'ole clean in the sink, then putting them out (rather domestically I hasten to add) on a tray outside to soak up all those beautiful moon rays.

In this weird COVID times we're living though, why not look into some lunar self-care practices that will give you welcome relief.

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