False Start

Well there we were in the UK, thinking and hoping things might be moving in a more progressive direction setting our New Year's intentions for 2021, and we've ended up doing a bit of a universal backwards cha-cha-cha step. I had braced myself for this, but as ever, that never fully protects us from the full impact of life's major changes!

As I type, with the few moments I have carved on this day after the UK government forces my hand to second myself to homeschooling again, I know that there are so many of us out there in all sorts of situations hastily rescheduling an charting our course at top speed to navigate these choppy waters. It's a spectacularly toxic cocktail of changes beyond our control - January weather, UK move out of the EU, and COVID response. On the surface, it looks bleak.

But consider that two steps back, might propel us further forward? On the other side of the coin I feel we have yet another chance to go inward and look at what is in our control. I know, I know, your tired of this you say, and I get that. But on the up side, this isn't our first time on lockdown so we have a good idea of what it looks like and with a vaccine comes a realistic chance of being able to be in more physical proximity to each other.

So what did you learn last year? I listened to a very useful podcast today from Jay Shetty 20 Things I Learned in 2020 which invites us to think about what our takeaways were from such a difficult year. For me, right now, in this very raw moment I have to live my two values - courage and excellence.

This informs my priorities, supporting my family, continuing as best I can with my career endeavours, being a good friend and contributing to my community, meaning that I need to support myself.

This transpires as my top 5 takeaways from 2020:

  • If I don't get enough sleep everything will feel 10 times harder so going to bed early has to be a non negotiable

  • If I don't meditate for at least 5 minutes each morning, I won't be as nearly as clear headed as when I don't which adds to my frustration.

  • I need to listen to interesting, inspiring information to help me feel motivated and uplifted - not news 24/7

  • I need to take part in dance, walk or yoga at least once a day. This makes me feel connected, boosts my immunity and helps shift the gacky feelings out of my body.

  • Be keenly aware of stress response behaviour - reaching for those sweet snacks! Instead, I'm reaching for my oils. doTERRA Past Tense roll-on on the back of my neck is really good right now as it's strong warming sensation is a great distraction from the sugar craving and uplifting.

Do I get this right everyday. Nope!

Is each morning the opportunity to try again? Yes Siree.

Perhaps you want more help? I have collaborated with a great team of Wellness Advocates to bring you another Wellbeing Support Week:Reset and Restore, January 18 - 24. Each day will bring a new session in a private Facebook group with a different modality hooked around a different essential oil to refresh and revive you. You can watch the videos live or on your own schedule. To find out more and book here to join us, click here.

As we ricochet into 2021 I invite you to consider what you can control, and what you can do to enhance your environment to help you to remember you are in the driving seat - even when it seems like you aren't!

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