Hooray Spring has arrived! My favourite time of year! This year more than ever for me if feels like a good line in the sand from the first quarter of the year which has been quite intense. For the UK we are coming out of lockdown which gives a renewed sense of hope and optimism (with a dash of caution and patience). We roll into the Easter holidays which is probably the longest break that has come for me since Christmas. It definitely feels like breathing out after quite a long submergence.

This month, I invite you to think about your boundaries - physical, logistical and energetic. On the macro level we are moving into a different seasonal boundary and daylight savings. The increase of light certainly gives us a more illuminated perspective on things. Next, the boundary of what the design of your life looks like, and by this, I mean what activities are you spending your precious time on across all of your life – work, leisure (as much as is possible in restrictions), delivering a role or responsibility as a family member or friend. What boundaries do you have in place to ensure that there is balance across all of these things? How do you help set expectations? And when those boundaries are crossed, what does it feel like and how can you establish these thresholds with kindness and integrity?

I invite you to think about what ways you can support yourself in filling your cup

Then, the skin you’re in – your energetic boundary. Are you respecting and protecting your own energy? We all know that there are people in our lives that are literally ‘energy vampires,’ (or fun sponges), that can suck the life out of us. I invite you to think about what ways you can support yourself in filling your cup, as well as any limiting vampiric behaviour. Tools I use for this are daily meditation practice, good sleep hygiene, very low – no alcohol, limiting caffeine and sugar intake and regular dance, yoga and/or running. If you need a good dose of being ‘plugged into the mains’ I highly recommend Reiki. A practice that I am trained in, and would also advise you to use your intuition in finding a practitioner nearby or online. I use doTERRA tea tree essential oil, not only to support the boundary of my skin, but also to support my own energetic boundary from others. (Do get in touch if you want to know more about essential oil use).

One woman I admire who has great work about boundaries and the research to underpin this is Dr Brené Brown. Her anatomy of trust, also known as ‘BRAVING’ has come up for me many times these past few weeks, and if you don’t already know it, please watch this clip here which I am sure will resonate. I have also chosen this book as this month’s Great Next Read. It is a very helpful tool into identifying why some relationships aren’t firing for you and where you can help home in and come up with some solutions on how to resolve challenges in these areas. It stands for; B – boundaries, R – reliability, A – accountability, V – vault (or holding confidence), I – integrity, N – nonjudgement, G – generous in assumptions.

As we come into more social contact through what we hope is the final recovery phase of the pandemic (but who knows), perhaps considering some of these ideas may help your find strength and resilience in your interactions and support you.

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