Braving The Wilderness – Dr Brené Brown

Ah, Brené. Could I dedicate an entire fan-site to her? Probably. She has become my favourite non-fiction author over the last couple of years since I was given Dare to Lead as a present when I left a job. I absolutely love her approach to life and the enormous body of scientific work that underpins her wisdom. And mainly, for her down to earth, Texan delivery of huge ideas and questions always delivered with her ‘awkward, brave and kind’ method.

Of all her books, Braving The Wilderness especially brilliant if you feel out on a limb and not conforming to social norms – certainly something we may have all experienced during the pandemic. This is a title that I have listen to as an audio book as I love Brené’s voice and she feels like a best friend in your ear. The book explores what it means to be an outlier – the good, the bad and the ugly. For me in all my work, I often feel like I am trying to fill a space that no-one has quite touched yet and it gives me great resolve in carrying this forward at times where I just feel like throwing in the towel!

To be frank, I would say read any of her titles. They are all exceptional! But at this point with a focus on boundaries her exploration of the anatomy of trust is particularly useful in these uncertain times where find it hard to trust anything. I would also highly recommend her podcasts too. An absolute staple of the Spirit Mama aural diet!

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