Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

October cannot help but be attached to the concept of magic with the big ole shin dig of Halloween being at the very end of it. So, this month I have chosen Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - you may know her from Eat. Love, Pray fame and it is pretty interesting to read behind the scenes how that success manifested for her.

I was given this book by a dear friend and it has been a great companion - particularly for those of us who work in the arts or consider ourselves as artists. To be frank, I think everyone is creative, we just have it dialled up or down a notch individually and it's up to us to unleash it and cultivate it. This book is great for people with or looking for inspired ideas and the resilience to persevere with them into form.

What I love about this book is the concept of inspiration coming to us as a separate entity, and if we don't act on it, it will move on to someone else. Gilbert gives a really specific example of this from her own life which is astonishing. It certainly is a concept that gives you a good kick up the behind to get moving on an idea, rather than sitting on it.

That said, it also talks about concepts around the environment in which to cultivate creative ideas. These move and change, and sometimes, our humanness makes it a challenge to express our inspired ideas, leading us to look at what personal development we may need to take part in to create space.

One of my favourite marked quotes from the book is 'fear is boring' in that the negative voice in your head often says the same thing over and over and doesn't actually come up with anything new. This makes the pattern identifiable and when it can be named, it's grip starts to loosen and you can move past it or through it.

So whilst we have fun cartoon notions of magic through mainstream Halloween favourites like Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus and The Craft with us this month. Consider Gilbert's notion of magic and perhaps what magic means to you.

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