Baby steps to Big wisdom

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

I've just come off an online workshop (how 2020 of me) with Mike Dooley of TUT fame. It was really uplifting. His energy is just phenomenal and he did a great manifesting meditation which was so enjoyable. His daily emails are a real positive moment in my mornings and I love the way he writes with so much fun and joy.

Here in my blog is where I want to share bite-sized chunks with you about my journey and the things I have found along the way which have helped me to where I am now. Mike is a Hay House author, and is among many though-leaders who I respect and am inspired by. No doubt about it, Hay House Radio was a fertile space for me a decade ago. I had suffered the loss of a family members, and found huge inspiration from the station which they had not-long launched around that time. Here I found so many authors mainly from the US, but some from the UK who gave me information and ways of thinking, that either confirmed my intuition, or gave me new insight.

I think I found out about that, because years before that I had stumbled across a Doreen Virtue CD which I then listened to, time and time again, because that was all that I could find available that spoke to me. Looking back at these baby steps, and the steps I continue to take, I marvel at how limited but vital that first CD was, although now I never listen to it having moved on to new teachers.

Going back further, the Mind, Body, Spirit aisle always drew me in as a child at my local Waterstones and I still have my very first book 'Dowsing for Beginners' when I was about 11 years old. In the sacred space that is the book store (which we all miss right now!), it's usually a space where you find right book, right time, and has rendered all sorts of information I haven't necessarily been looking for, but they just sort of jump out. 'Reiki for Life' is another one that fell off the shelf at Kings Cross station back in 2007 just before I decided to do my Reiki I when I really wasn't looking for it. I'm looking at it right now as it sits on my desk.

Fast forward to now and we have so much information at our finger tips. So much more than that 1 CD and a few books. So get out there and explore though-leaders who might give you some strength and insight at seizing the positives from this challenging time. Hay House is a great place to start, and if you want an instant positivity hit, Mike's a top guy . Enjoy!

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