A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

As one of the most prolific thought-leaders of the age, Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth is fantastic read for anyone working on their own development. A challenge at times to get our conditioned heads around some of the life-altering concepts, this book is worth its weight in gold and has become a book I return to again and again. The book centres around the idea of consciousness observing the self, and that we have two experiences within us - the higher self and the ego.

I first discovered it through Oprah Winfrey's Soul Conversation podcast which is a brilliant way to explore the concepts in the book thoroughly. Oprah asks all the questions we would love to ask him if we had the chance. Yes, even those doubting questions we might not fess-up to having which he expertly explains.

Eckhart has also featured as a guest on Russell Brand's Under The Skin series (below). Here Russell, amazingly, barely says a word as Eckhart gently and steadily imparts his wisdom through almost a 2-hour episode (one for a long walk!).

I love his very calm, very academic approach to spiritualism and coming back to his work is very healing at moments where ye olde ego wants you to repeat negative patterns to keep you playing small.

A great read for recharging and recalibrating your energy.


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