"You are an alchemist, make gold of that."



Where to begin

Easy does it - here's the top 10 oils that have multiple use in everyday life


Stay steady

The time's they are a-changin'  - best oils to help you move through 2020


Keep it fresh

Change is our constant - the monthly release and how it can help

Where to begin

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The fantastic thing about essential oils is that they have multiple use, from boosting your mood, changing the atmosphere in your home, supporting your physical health and even natural cleaning! 


Here's 3 ways I started with essential oils:


3 ways I use essential oils


Roll-on Remedy

Lavender - great for calming

As a professional dance student I would roll on a diluted essential oil to help with performance anxiety before a show or assessment. Easy to keep in your handbag or dance/yoga/gym kit bag. 



On Guard blend - good for immunity

I diffuse oils around the home - by the front door and in the bedroom especially to inhale it's plenty-goodness and detoxify the air.


In the bath

ZenGest - a blend to promote good digestion

Adding a few drops to salt crystals in the bath is another fantastic way to soak up the oily-magic. I have used ZenGest topically and in the bathroom to help soothe any tummy troubles. 

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How to purchase


Why doTERRA, Lucy?

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There's plenty more ways!

doTERRA have an excellent flyer explaining how to use the oils

Stay steady

2020 so far as get everyone in a spin - and that's putting it politely!

I've been using Wild Orange daily, first thing in the morning. 

An uplifting, citrus blend, that helps calms anxiety and also encourages abundance, it's been a shot of gold on some of the really tough days of lockdown and given me increased optimism. 

How I use it:

  1. I pop a couple of drops on my palms

  2. Rub them together

  3. Keep my feet grounded to the floor and think about my posture to increase my lung capacity

  4. Cup my hands and take 3 large breaths

  5. Bob's your uncle! I'm then set up for a great day, or good to use as a transitional tool between homeschooling and work ;)


Why I chose this brand


The potency of each bottle speaks for itself. 

On my first encounter with the oils I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of the scent, and instantly transported out of the present. 

doTERRA oils are in the top percentage of highest grade therapeutic oils globally, and as well as empowering entrepreneurs to share the benefits to make a business, they work closely with growers in the developing world to empower them their business. 

In addition, their charity, Healing Hands Foundation, works with many groups and organisations across the world to improve lives. 

One drop really does have such a wider positive impact, and I am all about positive transformation across my passions.