"...the best cannot and must not hide."


Welcome to joining a revolution on your health! I'm Lucy and I'm here to be an advocate of your wellnesss.

With a lifetime of knowledge on the moving body, and an underpinning of esoteric pondering, deepening my knowledge and understanding on inner-wellness practices was further amplified for me on becoming a mother.

Mothers give out so much creative energy they need to recharge themselves to sustain a healthy balance - and often leave themselves last on the list...

I support my career goals whilst working towards balancing motherhood through a blend of integrated practices of self-empowerment learning, dance and meditation, infused with doTERRA oils.


For a long time, I kept these practices close to my chest. I now bring these tools together as a gift-box to you to add fuel to your fire on your personal development journey so the best of ourselves no-longer has to hide. 

What will you get from me?

Authenticity, an ear, enthusiasm in spades and a sense of humour. 

We are living in hugely challenging times that is having an impact on our physical and mental, health and wellbeing...

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My journey highlights

I've always had an interest in alternative medicine as far as I can remember. Teachers during professional training would advocate a range of therapies from taking supplements, following a course of acupuncture or osteopathy for rehabilitation from injury or fatigue. 

For almost 20 years, along with other holistic practices, I have regularly used essential oils. Mainly to support me in my dance training for the high level of pressure and anxiety that brought with it. I also enjoyed using them at the beginning/ end of yoga classes throughout my professional career as they instantly gave me relief on all levels when working in a very busy environment. 

After years of using essential oils, I was introduced to doTERRA at a wellness event about 4 years ago. I tried the samples and recognised instantly the significant potency and quality just from taking one sniff! 

Returning to my local yoga class again a couple of years after becoming a Mum for the second time in Spring last year, my new teacher, Jade Carey (Surrey Hills Yogi Life) also used doTERRA oils, and used a variety each week that really chimed with what was going on in life and seasonally. Each time I left her class I was hugely elevated and felt really well. I began to use them regularly – diffusing them in our home (which was very supportive when working on complex projects with tight deadlines) and topically on my temples and pulse points to relieve stress. 


Feeling inspired to know more, I purchased a kit last September with the top 10 oils which enabled us as a family to use them for a wide variety of health purposes. As a family, we have used them daily and reaped the benefits of them enabling us to develop deeper wellbeing practices, health and vitality. 








Reiki Treatment

My other holistic practices

These started to come to fruition over a decade ago where I was introduced to Reiki at a hen party and got it confused with hot stone massage! Ah, the comedy. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it was energy healing. My therapist was amazing and was so in tune with me I knew I needed to know more, so I enrolled for Level 1 training in West London with Wendy Ryan Munaysonco

I deepened my knowledge in metaphysics over the next few years, reading many authors and listening to podcasts (see Blog and Books for my latest musings). I consolidated this passion into practice and completed Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 in 2018.  In 2019, I decided it was time to up-level with my Reiki and I completed Level 2 with Lyndsey Rowland in Surrey. 

I've mentored hundreds of young people and colleagues across my working life, advocating for their wellness and career longevity. This year I extend my expertise to include my holistic approaches.  and work with also teach me as much as I teach them - that's the reflexive beauty of learning!

We are living in hugely challenging times that is having an impact on our physical and mental, health and wellbeing. I hope you feel able to consider this truly amazing natural remedy as a positive step to improving your personal wellness. 

Visit here more of my dance career info, and sister site Dance Mama

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I created this blog and site in order to share what I’ve learned about health and nutrition, but there are certain things I need to disclose: *  I’m a working Mum, not a healthcare professional.  The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health condition. Please consult your healthcare provider. I share personal uses.